This page is devoted to Gtk File Browser, a Microsoft's Explorer like tool for browsing and manipulating folders, files, devices and (in future) different networks (like SMB)

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Uhm.. Ok.... Well, you guessed it. You knew it. Release. Another. Stable or unstable - it's here.
0.40. Many beer, many sleepless nights, Tori Amos CD listened to scratches - and it's here.
What is done: almost completed typedefs 'engine'. At least, no significant changes are planned, only bugfixes (if any). This part of code satisfies me almost completely. You can define your own file types, assign icons and actions to them. Read the README for additional details on how to do this.
Many small additions and enhancements, mostly internal. Next release will be aimed at user interface improvements - ie dialogs, new user functions and cleanups of some existing dialogs.Well, I hope I've said enough for you to download the GFB-0.40.tar.gz and GFB-icons.tar.gz. Do it now and tell me your opinion.

Update ! Release (new scrrenshot available) ! Quite large part of work is done. Lots of changes. The most noticeable is new configuration manager, which allows lots of neat things. Now only part of it's functionality is used
(for run-time icons loading, so now you can start creating icon-packs for GFB), but soon I'll code
many more useful features based on it. So, another release, which adds:
1. User-configurable icons for every item you're seeing in GFB.
2. User-configurable types definitions. (Not used yet, but soon will be)
3. Bugfixes, thanks many of you sending me patches.
Now you need an additional file called GFB-icons.tar.gz , whihc must be untarred to ~/.gfb directory.
Do not forget to do it. Stay tuned. GFB-0.40 coming soon !

Whooops. Sorry. I've forgot to delete Makefile's and config.cache from source directories before
packing them into GFB-0.30.tar.gz, so many of you reported troubles compiling . Fixed now.
Grab an updated archive.

Well, overworking (our salesmen and saleswomen are on vacation or on trainings, so I'm doing their job), I'm also quite progressive on GFB. Full cut/copy/paste set is working, along with some (not  full)
errors checking, so I'm releasing GFB 0.30, as I've promised.
Some notes on this release:
This code isn't tested excessively. It could erase your home directory (although it never happened with me), or wipe out entire disk. USE WITH CAUTION. And please, report me any bugs you'll find.
My e-mail is in the beginning on this page.
Your response is also increasing and always very warm. Thank you very much, and again :
Think about this superior offer. I have all tools necessary for productive work: Mailing list, CVS repository up and running, home page for this project and my full support and explanations for fastest understanding of source code.
Again, I REALLY need someone to run with. E-Mail me.
Older news (links may be inaccurate, 'cause I don't like to keep older stuff)
Bad. Only 2 responces for my call for developers. Seems noone is interested in co-development of this project. I was far more optimistic. Well, this couldn't stop me. GFB devt WILL continue. Without you, without them, but it couldn't be stopped by lack of interest from the crowds.
So another update. I'm doing file operations now. GFB survived facelift (I borrowed some icons from KDE), and looks much prettier. I've done symlinks recognition, and from now they will be handled correctly. Hoorray for symlinkingly correct solutions :). Two new screenshots (1  and  2 ) showing copying files and overall look with new icons and a pair of symlinks.
Operations ready for immediate use:
Make directory
Make a symlink
Delete file(s).
New sources wouldn't be placed until I'll do copying operation.

Well, I'm tired of fighting with GFB without any help from outside, so another call for developers. I've fixed some code in copy dialog, so the whole routine seems more easily understandable. Also interface slightly changed, and I like it. So, go grab a copy and play with it for a while. And now is my wishlist :).
I want to see in GFB dev team:
1. Low-level (rm/cp/ln/mkdir/rmdir) fileops coder who could do VFS part. Steven is missing, so I'm standing one step from making GFB really useable.  Knowledge of SMB protocol, or, at least, an ability to attach smblib to GFB is a great plus.
2. Good interface designer. I want to have GFV as useable as filemanager could be. OTOH, my interfaces are lacking both functionality and nice look.
3. A man (or a woman) with good knowledge of types'  handling (mime.types and so on), how it could
be done properly. My efforts would be focused on types engine, so this person is also very important.
4. Porting guru. Some of GFB's code is platform dependant, and I want to see #ifdef's around such places. I think, this is the toughest part (for me, at least).
5. Good beta tester, who could put GFB in every possible situation and tell me his or her opinion.
6. Someone with good knowledge of GTK internals. I've done some hacking, but lack of time don't allows me do go deeper. I think GFB needs some custom widgets made specifically for it.
7. And, of course, everybody else who's willing to help ! E-mail me, and I'll try to answer all of your letters. Good FBing !

Huh... Delays between updates are becoming larger. It's bad, of course, but I'm quite busy now to update this page more often. Steven got a new job and now accomodating and overworking (as usual).
All May I was also very busy moving our company's various services to the new platform (and, of course, this platform is Linux :) and playing with GTK's internals, but June was very fruitful. Lots of
smaller parts are assembled together, and I'm preparing to first barely useable Alpha. I need real fileops (copy file, delete file, delete dir, create a symlink). Steven promised once that he'll do this, but now his head is filled with other things, so I'll probably will do this. Clipboard ops are done and (hopefully) bug-free. I've done some work on standartising dialogs also. Wait for two or three weeks and all would be in place. I've found new FileBrowser's homepage on Tripod and will move FileBrowser's page there in days. Stay tuned :)

Some important news:
1. We have new member in our crew,  Dany De Bontridder , and he in turn supplied us with configure script.
2. I've set up mailing list for GFB. If you wish to subscribe, send a letter to  with subject  'subscribe GFB' .
3. I'm releasing  new source tarball. Get it from the Latest source
No new screenshots, 'cause interface didn't changed much. Steven have done (again) an awesome work and created a really useful and reuseable VFS implementation.  I'm polished out filelist and starting to work on menus.

Update ! Update !
Some of you are definitely wondering about  current status of File Browser.Well, this project just starts to show its great field of work. Steven and I are using almost every free minute for coding. Some changes include:
1. Steven's greatly enhanced VFS layer. He is doing a fantastic work enhancing and stabilising our low level
2. I rewrote (again :) filelist using GtkList. As types engine doesn't even started, the whole thing is unuseable, but you can look on Latest screenshot, and if you're amazed :), grab Last source and play with it for a while.  Your opinion is always welcomed .
Also, Steven reports that he is preparing a new web/cvs server for this project, so we'll probably move to another location soon.

So, underground work continues. Steven released his history box sources. Very cool piece of code, although a bit
unstable, but that is the matter of days, maybe, weeks. I, from my side, finished large part of tree view and device recognition system. You can grab this (relatively large, ~70kb) screenshot  , and see that different types of mounted devices (such as HDs, floppy and network) have different look. I promise you that they will behave differently, too :)
Next, Martin Schulze told me that he have included GFB into the Gtk Buffet (what's this ? Someone , please enlighten me),
and asked for versioning of GFB. And I (suddenly) decided to release another GFB develoment snapshot - just to compile
and play with for a couple of minutes. So, sources are here . And please e-mail me what you think.

This page is updated again, after (relatively) long time of  hidden activity.
Bunch o' changes:
Steven J. Hill reports that he is doing a history list for input line. Unfortunately,  he also reports troubles accessing
CVS, so I'll wait for troubles go away. Next, new tree layout (rewritten from scratch) starts showing something useful.
I'm holding sources until this part is polished. Wait a little.

Rethinked. DFM support will not be included (on current stage , at least) due to _very_ limitative format of DFM's config files. Maybe, conversion utility. Or we'll wait for Achim Caiser :)

Lots of very interesting ideas came from Steven J. Hill, along with a bunch of sources. Thanks Steven.
MenuFactory is completely replaced with Steven's itemfactory. New sources available.

27-Jan-1999  4:00
Totally screwed up mailbox. I'm afraid I had lost some e-mails. If you've e-mailed
me by 26 or 27 and I didn't answered you, pls resend.
Archive update - filenames in filelist are shown correctly now (long names are truncated and tails are replaced with "..."). Try and say what you think about all

26-Jan-1999 12:00
Something strange with our primary mail server. I haven't received e-mails _at_all_ . Try to mail me at

25-Jan-1999 18:00
A huge amount of e-mail from all of you. Thanks again. I have no time to answer them all, so pls don't flame
me if I did'n answered somebody. The main my task for now is coding, but now answering on e-mails. But, again,
thanks everybody. New command of developers is starting a long run for victory :)

25-Jan-1999 2:00
Thanks all who mailed me. After announce on Freshmeat I've received a lot of e-mails from people who offered their help. Feeling of your helpful hands makes me really happy now. I'm not alone. Thanks all again.
Here's the cvs snapshot of GFB ~0.15(version is approximate :), download it and pls
mail me at all your questions, TODOs, patches and all else you want to say about GFB.
Now I'm working with GTK+ 1.1.12 & GLib 1.1.12. I'm sure that GFB WILL NOT compile with GTK 1.0.x due to some new gtk_xxx functions used, but if you want to maintain compatibility with GTK+ 1.0.x , mail me, I think I can give some clues.
Detailed instructions are placed in README (as usual). I think nothing except GTK/GLib version can prevent GFB to at least compile.

And here is a screenshot (older version, 98k).

With all the best, Yarick Rastrigin (
Page copyright (c)1999 Yarick Rastrigin.